Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Buffy Season 2, Episode 6

Its our first Hallowe'en episode!  Yay!
Oddly, in this universe Hallowe'en is a 'safe' night--traditionally there's no supernatural activity on Hallowe'en, which I find to be rather ironic.  Maybe that's why nothing is supposed to happen?  For irony's sake?  There's some sort of truce that the baddies have, you'd think that everyone would be strolling around without disguises because its the one night that you really can.  Ah well.
Luckily someone violates this truce--this someone being an old colleague of Giles's (woot Giles backstory!).  He has...bespelled, cursed, something costumes that turn their wearer into whatever they're posing as.
Aha!  Here we have it.  Old colleague is worshipping...some sort of bust that looks like the comedy/drama masks.  One face on one side, the other face behind, young and old, happy and aggrieved.  It sounds like he's actually speaking latin, which is impressive, and the bust looks roman.  I could attempt to translate, but honestly I'm a bit too lazy.
So!  The fun begins!  Xander becomes a soldier, Willow becomes a hooker/ghost, Buffy becomes a weak little frou-frou french countess.  Just so ya know, the actress CANNOT pull off a french accent AT ALL.  She tries for like, the first ten seconds and fails miserably, so she just drops it.  Teh suck.
Okay, name for the bust is apparently Janus--wait, Janus??  Janus, the roman god of portals??  Err, that is..."gates, doors, and doorways, beginnings and endings."(wikipedia)  In the show they claim he represents chaos, the division of self.  Well, looks cool and all, but do a bit more research first guys.  I mean, you can try and twist it that way, but it doesn't quite work.  And that bust is way over-dramatized, traditionally it was the same face both ways, not like that.
Anyways, the way to reverse the spell is apparently to destroy the bust.  Giles does, after giving dude a serious beating, and everyone is back to normal.  Yay, Buffy doesn't get killed by Spike and gives him a 'royal' beating (ha!  HA!  see what I did there....?  Anyone?  Countess...royal?  C'mon people!).  Anyways, Oz makes a couple cameos and shows even more interest in Willow.  Really they are such a cute couple.  Adore!
Fun episode, actually had a bit of something to talk about.  Yay!  See y'all tomorrow!

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