Saturday, June 12, 2010

Buffy Season 1, Episode 10

My goodness, its the plot! Hello plot, its been a while. I'd all but forgotten about the Master. Wait, there's an Annointed One too? Wow, its almost too much to handle!

Now this episode has a very fascinating study. A boy trapped in a coma...more like his spirit can't find his body again. He's wandering about the town, trying to hide from his nightmare, and inadvertedly causing other's nightmares to manifest.

MMm, now a spirit losing connection to its body does happen, and I have heard this theory before as to why people are in comas--their spirit is lost in the astral. There are also cases of empathic people having the same dream as someone who's experiencing strong emotions in their dream, like a nightmare.

However CAUSING multiple people regardless of sensitivity to experience their worst nightmares like full-blown hallucinations...yeah, that's hollywood. One could argue that the chaotic energy of the hellmouth enhances the effect, but really...yeah, hollywood.

And what is it with the swastikas on the wall during one of Xander's nightmares? Anyone else notice that? Two on the wall by the door, one in red around the fire alarm, the other in green. Are we talking the historical meaning here, or the perverted symbol of the Nazis? Hmm...

This is related to the plot in that this is an omen of the end of times. The nightmares, not the swastikas. End of times being the end of the first season. I think there have been 3 averted apocalypses by the fifth season? The first of many, then.

By the way, Buffy looks fugly as a vampire. Vampires in battle form are ugly in general, but Buffy looks particularly ugly.

We have a nice homage to Wizard of OZ once Billy actually wakes up. The coach gets accused for beating him up, and everyone goes home happy...or do they? DUN Dun dun!!!

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