Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lights, Camera, Action!

Hello and welcome to the official first post of The WitchWord! This blog is dedicated to the review of the paranormal, specifically concerning witches, as portrayed in media. Witches will be the focus in this blog as the reviews are written by yours truly, a practicing witch and ecclectic pagan.

I have been studying the paranormal with an emphasis on ghosts and hauntings since I understood what the word 'ghost' meant and had an interest in reading...likely somewhere between ages 7 and 11. I have been a practicing witch for the past seven years.

While this blog will be focused on the accuracy of paranormal portrayals, cinematographic critique will manage to sneak its way into reviews as well. I was an acting major for 2 years and managed to escape college with a theatre minor, so that aspect will rear its head every now and then.

Please keep in mind that while my opinions are founded in research and lore, they are OPINIONS. If you don't agree with them go somewhere else. I don't need you wasting your life on me. Now if you'd like to actually start an intellectual conversation I am very agreeable, but if you're going to insult me you're going to get ignored.

Now then, this blog will commence with the review of Buffy the Vampire Slayer by Joss Whedon. Upon the completion of that series we will be moving on into Supernatural, unless the fandom argues otherwise.

And yes, we will be going episode by episode. Let the reviewing begin!

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