Monday, June 21, 2010

Buffy Season 2, Episode 2

 Sorry for the break all.  The weekend was crazy busy, in both good and bad ways.  However, I am now back and ready for action!  Let episode 3 commence!
Really, the principal is completely unfeasible.  He is so mean and evil its unrealistic.  He makes a lame faux baddie, isn't a good antagonist at all.  His existence is purely to make Buffy's 'real world' life more difficult, but I don't think she really grows from that challenge at all.  Thus his existence is completely useless, except for some minor comedy.
Enter Spike.  Spike!!  Yay!!!  Spike is likely my favorite vamp, even above Angel.  I like assholes, what can I say.  Plus with his vamp face on he kinda looks like David Bowie....not sure if that's a compliment to him or an insult to Bowie.
I also love Druscilla.  She's absolutely wacko and psychic to boot.  I would have loved to play her, but the actress does a fantastic job.  Ah, to dream.
Now, our notable bit of lore--the night of St. Vigeous, who lead a crusade of Vampires.  Vampires are especially powerful on this night.  I can't find anything on this guy, and as such I must conclude that he is entirely fictional and made up for the sake of the show.  Addendum:  he pops up on the Buffy wiki site, and was a vampire himself.  Yeah, totally fictional.
Spike decides to jump the gun and attacks on Parent-Teacher night instead of St. Vigeous night.  We get to sit through some nice tense dramatic moments, but as far as fighting goes its pretty sub-par.  Since Buffy acts all Slayer-y her mother ignores the principal hating her because her daughter is responsible and protects others.  Yay Buffy.  I really can't wait till her mom gets let in on the whole Slayer thing--Unfortunately that's not this episode. 
Now, we have a bit of errata here that is ret-conned later on--Spike says that Angel is his Sire, that is, the one who turned him into a vampire.  Later in the series we see Druscilla is his Sire...ess?  Whatever.  I rather like Angel as his Sire more, gives a different feel to the relationships. 
Now, odd bit towards at the end--Buffy and her mom are talking as they walk home, but we know from earlier in the episode that they drove.  Ah well.
Sound the trumpets!  Ring all the bells!  Spike FINALLY kills the Annointed One and the remnants of Season One are gone!!  Huzzah! 
And this is why Spike is the best antagonist ever.  :-p

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