Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Buffy Season 2, Episode 5

Ahh, its the weird snake-cult episode.  Notable for its involvement of Cordelia, who becomes a more main character later, and Angel playing a big part in the episode. 
We get some relationship development between Buffy and Angel as well, which is nice.  Angel is trying to avoid a relationship with Buffy, Buffy is being a typical 16-year-old girl as much as she denies it.  Angel also busts in at the last moment to save Buffy. 
Other than that, though, this episode is all Hollywood.  Made up snake cult that sacrifices teenage girls to a Yaun-ti?  (sorry, D&D reference, that's a snake-man thing)  Not much that I can analyze here as a witch.  Better luck tomorrow?

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