Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Buffy Season 1, Episode 7

Aww, the Master and his Annointed are playing. The Master is rather irritated that Buffy is killing so many of his vamps, and says he will send 'the three'. Meanwhile Buffy is complaining that she doesn't have a guy and Angel always disappears shortly after appearing.

oooooooEEEEEEEEEEEooooooo! Angel is always watching Buffy. Stalker much? Buffy leaves the club and gets hijacked by 'the three'. Angel saves her at the last moment. Really, he can hold his own in a fight against vampires. You would think that Buffy would put two and two together. Also, he doesn't enter her house until she invites him. The other three are left outside. Buffy tells him to take off his shirt so she can bandage his wounds. Oooh, that looks like an excerpt from the Book of Kells that he has on his shoulderblade! It does look like a wing.

Buffy's mom comes home and discovers the two of them. Buffy sneaks him up to her room, makes small talk. She asks about his family and he tells her they're dead. Then he quietly goes to sleep on the floor next to her bed. Xander freaks out when he hears about it. Giles is quite impressed that Buffy has earned enough ire to get the three set on her and steps up the training regimen. Buffy kicks his ass handily.

When she gets home Angel is still in her room and they make with the huggy kissy. Angel gets a little too into it and gets all vampy (duh). Buffy screams and Angel books it out of her house. The next morning Giles assures her that vampires are no longer human, just demons in human form. Buffy is still upset.

Meanwhile one of the Master's lapdogs...who apparently had a past relationship with Angel...hatches a plan to have Angel kill Buffy and come back into the fold. The lapdog attacks Buffy's mother and tempts Angel to taste. He doesn't, but when Buffy walks in it looks like he did. She threatens him, gets her mom to the hospital, then goes on the hunt.

The lapdog spends her time mentally abusing Angel trying to convince him that he should attack Buffy. It looks like Angel snaps. Meanwhile Giles realizes while talking to Buffy's mom that Angel wasn't the one to attack her mother. Buffy and Angel fight. Angel tries to get her to kill him, but she won't kill him just as much as he won't kill her.

The lapdog cuts in....and apparently is Angel's sire. Huh. Missed that part before, so I guess she actually merits a name. Darla. She and Angel were lovers 'for several generations'. Ah well, she threatens Buffy's life so Angel stakes her. Afterwards he vanishes, as is the norm.

This leaves the Master quite bereft, but the Annointed comforts him. Meanwhile Buffy gets to make up with Angel and its a sweet romantic moment. Wow, how do I get swept up in the romance? It is SUCH a young romance, controlled mostly by hormones, but I get swept up all the same. I still swoon when they kiss...huh. Buffy's wearing that SILVER CROSS Angel gave her. Leaves a nice burn mark on his skin too, perfectly identical, but he never even flinches.

Aww crap, this could be several kinds of foreshadowing. Something along the lines of he's a moth drawn to the light of the flame and gets burned. Something like that. Hmm, very poetic. Or it could just be that his attraction to her is dangerous, but that's less poetic. Hmm, I'll have to think about this now...

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