Thursday, July 1, 2010

Buffy Season 2, Episode 7

WOAH!!  It's the vamp club episode!  I had almost forgotten about this.  Mmm...serves as a good talking point for real-life vamp clubs. 
The vamp club in the show idolizes vampires, thinks that they're true nature has been corrupted by hollywood and they're really good and pure.  *snort*  Fluffy bunny much?
Real clubs on the other hand, you ARE the vampire.  Or a donor, alternatively.  There are those who will actually drink blood, which obviously can be dangerous, there are those who will develop a relationship with a vamp and become their 'donor'--yes, that's what you think it is.  Usually cuts on the shoulder to drink from.  Then of course there are psychic vampires, though from what I've gathered they don't take donors. 
Yes, this is an outsider's perspective.  I've been fascinated by the subculture from time to time, and I definitely don't know everything so before all the vamps in the audience jump all over me there's my disclaimer.
In any case, an old friend of Buffy's shows up in town, knows she's the slayer, and proposes a trade with Spike:  the slayer in return for making him a vampire.  Idjit. 
Really, the club in this show is more of a combination between Vampire:  The Masquerade geeks and fluffy bunnies.  No!  I've got it!  they're Vampire:  The Masquerade larpers!  Quick, rock-paper-scissors to see who gets to attack first!  *choke, gag*  Yeah, I have a really poor opinion of that form of larp, so sue me. 
In any case, I may come back and add more info to this later, but for to you all tomorrow!

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