Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Buffy Season 2, Episode 9

Part 2 of 2!
There is a really interesting dynamic that gets created between Kendra and Buffy. Kendra is all work no play, Buffy...well...she really does things her way. By the end of the episode Kendra has learned to loosen up some, act more like a member of society. Buffy gains an appreciation for serious focus and study.

Ugh. Wow. I forgot that this was the episode where Cordelia and Xander kiss for the first time. Its one of those relationships that starts off striking sparks, then that passion transfers to...well, sexual passion.

Oz is also putting the moves on Willow, who he has finally officially met. Takes a bullet for her and everything.

Druscilla's baaaaack! And she is badass. Why is it that all the vamps are the most enjoyable characters? I mean, Angel is really hot and all, but he's really the coolest when he's bad. I guess that's the whole CURSE part of having a soul as a vampire. Dark and broody and...kinda 2-D. It's not like his backstory goes away while he has a soul, but there's just no...depth to him. Hm.

Well, that shall be explored more later. See y'all tomorrow!

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